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                Suzhou Bo Meng automation equipment co., LTD. (au parker automation) is a company dedicated to provide customers with automated logistics solutions and automation production technology straight-pilot enterprise solutions.

                Au parker automation in the field of automatic logistics and automation production has rich experience in project. Mainly related to the project are: various non-standard machinery, automated ..[see more]

                • Suzhou BM automation equipment co., LTD.
                • Hand machine:0512-62695793
                • The contact:Ling manager
                • Email:bmzdh@bmzdh.com
                • Web site:www.bmzdh.com
                • To address:Suzhou high-tech zone taishan road no. 2
                Products and solutions BM engineering cases
                Roller conveyor
                Belt conveyor
                Chain plate conveyor
                Track the shuttle
                Chain conveyor
                Automobile manufacturing
                Tire production
                Engineering machinery weaving
                Mechanical processing
                All rights reserved:Suzhou Bo Meng automation equipment co., LTD
                Block machine:0512-62695793
                The contact:Ling manager
                To address:Suzhou high-tech zone taishan road no. 2
                Technical support:LiDe Technology
                Su ICP 14060506